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About Bevo's Kitchen

I am from the beautiful Island of St. Lucia. Growing up I ate foods that were locally grown, my dad was my first cooking teacher. Every holiday dad would give the girls little pots to cook what he was cooking, giving us the choice to flavor as we desired. Dad also taught us how to bake through the year. It was a special time for me to cook and to go around having the adults sample my food and give comments, a practice that have remained with me to this day. I noticed that eating healthy meant less sick days and because I hated taking medicine I learnt from an early age how to make healthy and tasty foods. Growing up in my community food was a big deal. A dish was not something that was rushed, instead it had to be slow cooked to bring out it’s natural juices, it had to simmered to the right texture, and the seasonings had to be just right.

In the Caribbean we have a saying ‘the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach’, therefore I was taught at an early age by mom that learning to create beautiful and tasty dish was very important, and that I did. Today, I make a variety of products including jams, preserves, butters, granola, dried fruit chips, soups and some delightful dishes as well. Bevo’s Kitchen loves to make people happy, and what better way to do this than to provide healthy delicious foods that not only taste good but is also good for you? We hold dear the motto, “Because…. You are what you eat”, We make it our mission to provide just that. At Bevo’s Kitchen our products are free of all chemicals and preservatives. No dyes or anything that you cannot pronounce, very little salt and sugar. We give you foods that are as wholesome as they get. We want to keep your taste buds happy: A healthy taste bud is a happy taste bud!

Who is Gracia Clery-Leonce

  • Owner and CEO of Bevo’s Kitchen, LLC

  • Bachelors in Biology

  • Bachelors in CLS….. Clinical Laboratory Scientist

  • Minor in Business Administration

  • Member of 4RWI, A Women Empowerment Organization, Local and International

  •  Gospel Medical Missionary

  • A Mother who have partnered with her children to create Bevo’s Kitchen because we believe change begins with us: “Because You Are What You Eat”

  • A Woman who loves to make people happy

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