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Is your granola really handmade?

Yes! At Bevo’s Kitchen, we make all of our products from scratch, by hand, at our small-batch bakery facility. Even our packaging is done by hand!

Where can I find the ingredient and nutritional information?

All ingredients, as well as the nutritional information, per ¼ cup serving, are listed on the back panel of every packaged bag of Bevo’s Kitchen. The information is also listed on each product page in our online store.

How should I store my granola?

Unopened packages of Bevo’s Granola have a nice long shelf life of about 4 months from the date we bake the granola, despite not containing any additives or preservatives. Your purchase will be stamped with a “Best Buy” date. Once you dig into your granola, please make sure to re-seal open packages completely and store in a cool, dark place for maximum freshness.

Is your granola gluten-free?

The ingredients in our granola are naturally free of gluten: There is no wheat, barley or rye in our kitchen. However, the oats we bake with are not certified gluten-free, so it’s possible they could come into contact with gluten-containing ingredients during processing before they arrive at our facility.

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